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You Heard it from Paula

That little voice inside...listen to it! 
Paula Machado March 2013

It's funny how I decided to write this post after watching a Full House episode last night. (Yes, I still watch Full House because it's awesome!) In the show young Stephanie wanted to ride with two immature high school boys and TJ, the older sister didn't let her go saying it was unsafe. After Steph's friend gets in a car crash with the boys, she realizes her older sister was right and asks her how'd she know getting in that car was a bad idea. TJ's response? "You know that little voice inside of you? As you're growing up, if you're lucky, you'll learn to listen to it!"

I can tell you that as I'm growing up, I'm really learning to listen to that little voice and I want to make sure that you are too. This "growing-up" stage of our lives is extremely fun and exciting but it's also a stage where you have to be very careful and aware. You know what? At any stage of your life I think you have to keep those eyes and ears wide open.

Say yes to the dress...or else!

Paula Machado March 2013

If you don't follow me on Facebook, this past Saturday I had the honor to not only attend La Prensa's 6th Annual "Mujeres Destacadas" (Distinguished Women) Awards, but I also got to present the amazing women who had been past recipients. I got the privilege to do so because I was the recipient of the 2012 Young Leader Award, something I hold very near to my heart. I also wanted to continue recognizing Hispanic women who made a difference in our community.

Back to the real purpose of my post "Say yes to the dress...or else!", I noticed that many, many, many people loved the dress I wore to the gala, including myself.

It wouldn't be fair to not tell you the story behind this beautiful and elegant dress, plus the very special person who allowed me to wear it and actually help me get in it.

Lights, camera, pixie dust...5AM Wake Up Call??

​Paula Machado September 2012

It has come to my attention that ever since I started my internship at Walt Disney World, a lot of people have been wondering what is it exactly that I do. My only guess is curiosity sparked once I started posting pictures of myself with my Disney friends on my Facebook Page. And by Disney friends I mean Mickey, Minnie, Donald, you know, the big guys in the bizz. lol So I went back and looked at my page, then I thought: "Wow my job looks AWESOME!!!"

To be quite honest, my job really is awesome. I mean, who can say PART of their job is to meet and take pictures with the stars who make Disney magic real? But like I just said, this is only part of my job. You could say it's the glamourous side of it.

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